The Senior Perspective

The Senior Perspective – By Chris Rafter

        The Class of 2018 is two months away from completing their four years of high school, so here is an insider’s view of what it is like to be a senior at Hokkaido International School (HIS).

        Despite what you may think, senioritis is very real and personally, I can say that it has impacted seniors significantly. After four years of high school, it comes as no surprise that seniors get into the mindset of having felt like they already finished school. This is the case especially for those who have already chosen a university to attend. For a senior at HIS, the workload tends to decrease slightly from the previous year, but other priorities emerge. Some examples of the priorities are applying to university and the organization of graduation. Although this list may seem short, any senior can tell you that the process of applying and the set-up of graduation is exerting. The everyday life of a senior at HIS really depends on the person, but there are some requirements and lifestyles that we all share. The seniors must all finish their required number of Character Development Graduation Portfolio’s if they wish to receive their high school diploma. The CDGP is a haunting thought for some seniors and is an ironclad requirement. As you may remember from the sports banquet on March 30th, the seniors prepared a dance routine as part of the HIS tradition and everyone contributed to the success of this performance. Another duty of a senior at HIS would be fundraising. You may ask yourselves, “Why do seniors need to fundraise?” The seniors need to fundraise for the graduation and class dinner afterwards. There are many factors and costs which play into having a memorable graduation, which is why you would have seen the seniors at the Fall Festival and Spring Bazaar. I think it is fair to say that senioritis comes at the busiest time and for seniors to keep their priorities in check takes discipline.

        Below are four quotes from the current HIS seniors. These should give some better understanding of what being a senior at HIS is like.

Senior year was a year long roller coaster. Started out pretty exciting cause I thought senior privilege was a thing but turns out it wasn’t lol. Then semester 2 started and things got busy with college and AP classes, but the spring break was a good stress reliever, and all five of my best friends, and Amber helped me have a great time. School has been my whole life and will continue to be, but high school is where I made amazing friends, amazing memories, and earned amazing grades! Just kidding hehe. But overall it was great and graduation will definitely be bittersweet.”

-Maya Rubiner

“My senior year at HIS was also my first. I had so much fun playing basketball and I couldn’t ask for a better community. The education experience was very fun and I felt like HIS helped me make the most of my final year in high school. Despite all of the good times I had here, I am very excited to graduate and move onto the next part of my life.”

-Xander Corsiga

There’s a lot of leadership opportunities and it’s shorter than I expected and time goes by faster than I thought. I think i’m going to miss HIS and I’m not really sure if I’m fully prepared for college but I’m excited at the same time.”

-Reina Otake

“My senior year at HIS was very exciting and stressful at the same time. Between applying to universities and keeping my grades up, I did not have much time to relax. I suppose this is a positive thing because it means HIS is getting me ready for the harder level of work at university. Overall, I am very pleased with my senior year and the friends I was able to spend it with.”

-Rohit Khemlani


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