Study Abroad

By Pamu & Mustafa.
Meer is from Pakistan and has been going to Hokkaido International School for 2 years. He is currently in 10th grade. Meer studied in Pakistan for 3 years at the Peshawar School where he had to take 8 classes everyday. This school was an English medium school, compared to his Peshawar School, HIS only has 4 classes per day and in Pakistan he used to get homework everyday—Meer took 4 hours to finish his homework everyday. Because of this he likes HIS more than his previous school and also because he can use a computer to do his studies, and teachers at HIS teach nicely. Compared to his Peshawar school he also likes the weather out here in Hokkaido so that’s why he likes this school more than his previous school.

Pamu has been a student at Hokkaido International School for 13 years and he is currently in 12th grade. He studied in Sri Lanka for a year where he went to a school called Sussex College. Compared to HIS, the studies he did in Sussex were different, there were religious classes, business studies, information, communication, and technology. For him the classes were hard, he didn’t know anything about business studies and about Information technology, everything was really new to him. After school, everyday, he went to extra classes and was always busy, he also had classes on Saturdays until nighttime. The lifestyles are so different compared to HIS, he likes the HIS system more than the sussex college system; there’s not much homework compared to the school in Sri Lanka. In HIS homework can be done within an hour or two but in Sri Lanka studying is really important and whenever he has a exam he has to study about 3-4 hours or more. That makes HIS more comfortable than Sussex college for him.


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