How Was Your Break?

How Was Your Break? – By Cort

HIS is a very interesting school. Because we are an international school, we have all kind of people from around the world who go back to their home country or go to different countries for sightseeing during the break. After break when you talk to people about the break, they have a lot of interesting stories and experience to tell. So I decided to write about what they did during the break.


Maya went to Taiwan with her close Friends this break. She went to Jiufen, Fengjia Night Market, Xiaoliuqiu, and Yehliu. She said that

“Taiwan was something different. Something I’ve never experienced before. Going to a different country with my friends without any parents was scary but was something new and at the end of the trip I didn’t want to leave.”

She also said that Taiwan was in a lot of way similar to Japan, but at the same time really different. Taiwan used a lot of the same characters(Kanji), so it was surprisingly not too hard to understand, and could get a good idea on what the sign said.

Overall she was happy to be able to go to Taiwan with her friends and wishes to go there again.


This is really not a story about this break but it was too interesting to keep out so I’m going to write about it. Ryutaro went to a concert in Tokyo during winter break. That concert was for a famous rapper called Desiigner. One of the most memorable moment for him was when desiigner threw his shirt in the crowded, Ryutaro caught it. He said that a lot of people tried grabbing it, but he was the one who ended up going home with it. He said that

“That was one of the most intense moments of my life.”


Josh also had a very interesting story. Josh is a hypebeast. For those who don’t know what a hypebeast is, hypebeast is mostly derogatory slang word for someone, usually a man, who follows trends in fashion, particularly streetwear, for the purpose of making a social statement. Because josh is a hypebeast, he went to Tokyo to buy new clothes. He was in tokyo for a day, and than went to Nagano.


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