Goodbye, Ms. Yao!


Whether you are in Middle or High school, I believe you all know Ms. Yao. If not, Ms. Yao is the 8th grade homeroom teacher and Middle and High school ELL teacher. She had been teaching at HIS for 3 and a half years now. Unfortunately, she has decided to leave next year and will move to Chiang Mai, a gorgeous city located in northern part of Thailand. There she will be doing freelance writing and editing.

“We had a goal to move somewhere warmer and to explore and experience a different place” she said. “Thailand nowadays is like 38 degree celsius all year”, she laughed when I told her that. Ms. Yao had been to Thailand before, when she was in college, as an agricultural exchange student and she had a great time there. Now she is happy to go back to Thailand again.

What did you achieve from joining HIS community?

“I feel like I’ve learned so much about teaching and Japanese culture and I really enjoy connecting with teachers and students”  From these past 3 and a half years, Ms. Yao has had a wonderful time teaching at HIS and enjoying life in Sapporo.

“ I like that HIS has an open, friendly and relaxed environment”,  She added

I am sure many students and teachers are sad knowing that Ms. Yao is leaving next year and mostly have the same question, is there any chance that we will get to see her again?

Don’t worry!

“I will be visiting Sapporo regularly”  She said with a big smile on her face. This guarantees that she will be visiting us soon!

“I’m gonna miss the students and many staff members” she smiled gently. And we are going to miss her a lot as well; she had done so many great things in the HIS community and helped many students with their struggles.

Is there anything you want to say to students/teachers of HIS before you leave?

“Thank you so much for the time, I really enjoyed it. I look forward to keeping in touch and meeting again soon”

We will always remember Ms. Yao, especially the current 8th graders and ELL students. Ms. Yao always supports her students and listens to their problems whether they are in ELL or not. She has had a great impact on improving English for ELL students and always encourages us to read more books. If you see her around, say something nice to her and don’t forget to say goodbye.

We really hope to see you again soon, goodbye, Ms. Yao!


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