Sports Banquet

Sports Banquet – By Rohit Khemlani

Last Friday, on March 30th, the annual sports banquet was held at HIS. This is an event where students from different sports clubs get together and have a dinner together. Student-athletes are awarded for their accomplishments throughout the year in the form of a trophy. The students are usually awarded the trophy for one of three different categories: Most Improved Player, Husky Hustler, and The Most Valuable Player.

The following list shows the people that got an award:

MS Girls Volleyball B Team

Most Improved Player: Aina Nishi Strong

Husky Hustler: Hana Katayama

Most Valuable Player: Winnie Wilson

MS Girls Volleyball A Team

Most Improved Player: Emma Tull

Husky Hustler: Sari Hirata

Most Valuable Player: Milana Shigapova

MS Girls Basketball Team

Most Improved Player: Nanako Dobashi

Husky Hustler: Ena Kanai

Most Valuable Player: Haruki Clements

MS Boys Basketball Team

Most Improved Player: Kenyu Ishikawa

Husky Hustler: Daisuke Yamakawa

Most Valuable Player: Pu Kuan Cheng

JV Girls Volleyball Team

Most Improved Player: Nina Nielsen

Husky Hustler: Lilith Horner

Most Valuable Player: Reika Wakabayashi

HS Girls Volleyball Team

Most Improved Player: Hali Barefoot

Husky Hustler: Ayumi Fukuyama

Most Valuable Player: Maya Rubiner

HS Girls Basketball Team

Most Improved Player: Rion Park

Husky Hustler: Haru Noda

Most Valuable Player: Maya Rubiner

JV Boys Basketball Team

Most Improved Player: Ale Peris Clavel

Husky Hustler: Joshua Rafter

Most Valuable Player: William Lee

HS Boys Basketball Team:

Most Improved Player: Wesley Lo

Husky Hustler: Nicholas Boyd

Most Valuable Player: Xy Sugino

Hi, my name is Sari Hirata and I am currently the middle school president. This year I had the honor of receiving the Husky Hustler award from the Middle School Volleyball A-Team. I have been on the Volleyball team for roughly 2 years now and it felt great to know that our coach (Mr. Kelly) saw me as a person who always hustled both on and off the court, I am extremely grateful for the trophy. This year’s volleyball tournament was definitely one of the best ones I have been to yet, I got the chance to not only play in competitive games but I also had the opportunity to make new friends from other schools. It was truly a wonderful experience to be a part of this team as this was my final year in middle school. Although I am not entirely sure if I will join the volleyball team next year in HS, I still encourage everyone in MS to join the volleyball team as it is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am Lilith Horner, I am currently in 10th grade, and I was lucky enough to receive the Husky Hustler award for the JV girls volleyball team. I honestly can’t remember exactly when I joined the volleyball team but I think I joined around 8th grade. This year was very challenging because we got a new coach; at the beginning, I could not imagine winning any trophy but it feels great to know that our coach (Mr. Bossaer) always saw me hustling and giving that extra effort on the court. The JV girls volleyball team tournament was amazing, we were really able to come together as a team and show our husky spirit in the tournament. I hope we can all make improvements by next year and hopefully be ready to get a trophy.


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