Dorm Lunch

By Cort Watanabe

Dorm Lunch

Have you ever watched national geographic or animal planet? Have you ever seen how animals fight each other for food or hunt their prey? One would probably think that we don’t see that in the city of Sapporo, but in reality, we can see that all the time. We see this every lunch time by the dorm students.

There are 3 main types of dorm lunch eater:

  1. the Health Freak
  2. the Scavenger
  3. the Leftover Lover

Let’s take a look…

First we have the health freak, Anh:

His meal

7/11 chicken – 108 kcal

Banana – 95 kcal

Rice – 492 kcal

Caesar salad – 184 kcal

Since last summer Anh’s been getting bigger and bigger. I decided to ask him a few questions to find out why he’s a health freak. Anh believes that the right food will help him get big and strong. He does karate, swimming, and lifting, so he needs to be consistent with his meals.

Anh’s goal is to be able to bench 150kg, squat 275kg, and dead left 400kg. To be able to accomplish this kg goal, he needs to eat healthily, similar to the way he already does. Good luck Ahn!!

Next we have the Scavenger: Chloe

Chloe looking at her next victim Chloe feasting

You often see scavengers walking around, asking for a bite of someone’s food or their leftovers. It’s really easy to spot them because of how they walk around the school asking for food.

You can often see Chloe getting food from Kai, or Andy. Kai and Andy usually bring really good food so they are often the victims of Chloe. But, truth be told, I am a scavenger myself and often ask them for food as well.

Lastly, we have the leftover lover: Raja

Leftover lovers usually bring leftovers from dorm dinner, or breakfast. Raja said that the reason he brings dorm food is because he likes it, and he doesn’t want to waste money on unnecessary things when he can just bring leftovers.

Over all, you could say that dorm students have interesting ways of getting meals. And just remember, if you see a Scavenger and don’t want to share your food, run the other way.


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