Dance Club

By Nina Nielsen & Ranko Hong.

Winter Break is approaching! Before Winter Break begins, HIS holds an annual event, the Winter Celebration. One club that also performs annually, at Winter Celebration, is Dance Club. As many may know, Dance Club meetings are held after school. They use different dance styles such as Hip-Hop and Pair dancing, the styles vary depending on the music they choose.

Dance Club consists of 6 Members. Reina, Midori, Sasha, Kacie, Lydia, and Daniel.

We first interviewed Reina, one of the leaders of the club. Reina is very passionate about dancing and has great skill, her moves are very sharp and clean. Her expressions convey her emotions and send a message to the audience, this makes the dance more entertaining to watch.

Then we interviewed Midori, one of the club leaders who has been in Dance Club since the end of 10th grade. When Midori dances, her movements are symbolic and sharp, they are full of passion and emotion.

We asked both Midori and Reina several questions:

Question: How do you decide on what music you pick and choreography you dance to?

Midori: We try to decide on music from our liking and the vibe we get from the songs. One person from the group choreographs dance movements that go along with the songs.

Reina: We try to decide the theme of our dance performance depending on the occasion. For example, our theme for Dance Party is more sexy than other performances we do. We also just decide it naturally. If we have a song that we favor and want to dance to, we ask the other members. If all are willing to dance to it, then we create a dance based on the song.

Question: What is the purpose/importance in dancing?


Midori: Dancing is important because it allows people to express a song in a way other than singing. It also lets out stress and can you can feel emotions you don’t usually feel. The purpose in dancing is to convey a story through your body’s emotions.

Question: What do you try to show in your dancing? What part of dancing do you want people to see?


Midori: I want people to see the emotions that we show while dancing.

Next we interviewed Lydia, a Junior who joined Dance Club a year ago. Lydia is also very passionate about dancing, as she used to do K-pop professional cover dancing before coming to HIS.

We asked Lydia 2 questions:

Question: What is the purpose/importance in dancing?


Lydia: It is to have fun! Also, to dance and move your body without caring about skill. Enjoy dancing and don’t really care about the skill you have.

Question: What do you try to show in your dancing? What part of dancing do you want people to see?

Lydia: I would want people to see our Tension. Rebellion. Love.

Dance Club always appears on stage with their amazing dance moves and energy. In their movements, we can see their passion for dancing as they practice seriously when the music starts. Their facial expressions and power used in this dance caught our attention as well. While we saw them practice, we couldn’t wait to watch their performance at Winter Celebration. We hope this performance is a success like the others and wish the best for Dance Club!


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