MS Girls Basketball

Written by: Hiro Hayashi

The MS Girls Basketball team has started their season and has been doing well since then. Even though they have a smaller team compared to last year their skills are better compared to last year and each individual has their clear roles on how they contribute to their team.

A week ago Tyler and I went to the MS Girls basketball game, held at the Hachijyo Middle School. (八条中学校) Throughout the first and second quarters the Huskies were always down by at least 12 but after halftime, the game changed for a little while. In the beginning of the third quarter, until there were 2 minutes left on the clock, they chased down the Japanese team and had a loss of only 5 points. But, for some reason, the Japanese team started to add some male players which eventually led to the loss of the team.

It was clear that there were some key players on the team that aided the most in catching up the Japanese team. It is true that basketball is a team game and not an individual game but one good individual can lead a team to win a title and more. There were 3-star players that I saw throughout the game and those players were Haruki Clements, Sari Hirata, and Ena Kanai. Throughout the game, these three led with their dribbling and scoring abilities.

They also played an extra two quarters but ended up losing by a huge amount of points. Was it because they had just lost the previous game? In the 16 minutes they had they almost never crossed the half court but it sure was a good practice game for the team which will lead to their improvement in the future.



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