Who’s New to HIS

By Rohit and Kai

Just like every other school year H.I.S was fortunate enough to welcome two new students, Elijah Seccombe and Xander Neo Corsiga.

Hi my name is Xander! I am from the Philippines however I used to go to a Al Durrah American international School(Dubai) before coming to H.I.S.. My hobbies are: Photography, playing the guitar and basketball. In fact I was the captain of my basketball team back in Dubai. I am not entirely sure what career I will pursue in the future however currently I am leaning towards becoming an aeronautical engineer. I love the HIS community and was surprised to see how people are unique in their own ways as they express themselves in different ways. However it has been difficult for me to adapt to the Sapporo weather as there is a 22 degree difference in average temperature between Dubai and Sapporo. But, I love the serene scenery in Sapporo as Dubai was full of desert. The biggest cultural change that I had to adapt to was that everything in Japan is automated such as the vending machines or the fact that you have to purchase a ticket for your food at a restaurant.

Hi my name is Elijah! My Dad is from England and my Mum is from New Zealand. I have spent time in both countries but the country that I have spent the most of my life in is, in fact, Japan. Before I came to HIS I was living in England and attending a school in a small village called Sonning Common. The school was called Chiltern Edge Community School. I am 16 years old and I want to be a successful entrepreneur in the future. What I really like about H.I.S. is how nice and friendly people are. From my experiences in other schools, HIS has been the easiest school to settle into by far! That is why the transition from my past school to H.I.S. has been very smooth, as the people here are very welcoming. Although I spent the majority of my time in Japan, I was still shocked at how tasty Japanese food was. I had forgotten how good a 7/11 onigiri and bottle of cc lemon could taste after spending 3 years abroad.

So the next time you see either Elijah or Xander make sure to stop by and welcome them to the HIS community.


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