Welcome Miss Tanya

By Pamu and Mustafa

I will be introducing a new teacher – Miss Tanya. Miss Tanya was born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand. Her favorite food is Sushi, Tonkatsu, Ramen and Japanese pasta but likes Ramen more in Thailand because the noodles taste better.

Miss Tanya went to Tokyo and Kansai when she first came to Japan. She says that Tokyo is like Bangkok and since she lived in the city, she appreciates and enjoys the nature in Hokkaido.

The reason why she likes Sapporo is because it has lots of natural resources such as trees, water falls, fresh and natural water, and people are relaxed … not like in Tokyo and Bangkok. The climate difference between Sapporo and Bangkok is huge – it is very cold in Sapporo and Thailand has no seasons – in Thailand’s winter and summer seasons it rains and the temperature is about 20 degrees everyday.

Another difference is one in lifestyle. In Thailand: Miss Tanya had to travel by car so she often got stuck in traffic, she went to the gym to maintain her health, there was a bad atmosphere because of the pollution, and the shops were opened till late in the night. In Hokkaido, she says that in comparison to Thailand: there are many methods of transportation, it is easier to be healthy because there is less pollution, and goods are more expensive but the food is better. Miss Tanya prefers Sapporo, a small city, in comparison to Bangkok, Tokyo, and Kansai. Compared to Hokkaido, Tokyo and Kansai have lots of tourists with lots of english speakers but after she came to Sapporo, especially Sumikawa, people only speak Japanese, making it hard for her to communicate but she eventually got used to it.

Before she came to Japan she had imagined it as a clean place with nice people and weather. She imagined Hokkaido to be relaxing and nature-filled. She noticed cost differences in motor vehicles, cheese, and alcohol. Also, a communication difference in the Language – she thought that she could learn Japanese, so she checks the information boards and tries to read it. Communicating to Japanese people is not that hard so she tries to learn Japanese by speaking with neighbors. She misses Thailand (Bangkok) so much because of the food, cheap things and always communicated with unknown people, Family and friends her university friends and former students in Thailand.


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