The Girls Volleyball Season in Review

Copy of IMG_7327.jpg

by Chloe Hawkins

What a hectic season! Volleyball moved quickly this year, the team’s lack of practice lead to some unfortunate losses, but looking past those, actually did pretty well. The girls overcame two challenges: their incredibly short season and having to adapt to a new coach – Mr Bossair.

The first couple of weeks were quite challenging – HIS played against the incredibly skilled Japanese School volleyball teams and lost very badly at first. Though with more practice and the much appreciated help of Coach Bossair, the JV and Varsity teams prevailed. The huskies drastically improved from the first to the last games with Japanese School teams and later held their ground at the tournaments with JV coming in 3rd and Varsity coming in 6th place.

Some notable mentions from the season: Nina and Lilith received awards at the JV tournament and became apart of the All Tournament Team; Ayumi received a similar award at the Varsity Tournament. Also, HIS won the Husky Dolphin challenge, beating Nagoya in their annual game, and got to bring home a trophy! Let’s go Huskies!


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