By Pedro Mori & Meer Mughal

We have recently decided to interview a current and a former member of the HIS football team – Alejandro and Nicholas. Both have played overseas and are experienced players. We asked them to tell us about their native countries playstyles. Alejandro has played football in Spain and Nicholas has played football in England, both countries are famous on the global stage for their superstardom.

When we interviewed him, Ale told us that in Spain, players play by passing the ball into space and create chances to score goals. This seems to be influenced by tiki taka. A Spanish-born style that involves short passing and movement.

Nicholas Boyd told us that in England, they play a fast paced style that involves passing into the wings and that the side backs are involved a lot in the movement into the attack. When asked about how it differed from the Spanish style of play he said that there was a lot more crossing than the Spanish style.

At HIS, in recent years, we have been trying to bring in a more passing and tactical style of play. We will try to play in a Spanish. Rather than the individual, we focus on how we can contribute to each player, as a team. Whether on or off the, ball we try to help each other out.

So, have any of you played footbal before? If so, how does your style of playing compare to that of the description from above.


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