by Hiro Hayashi

Exercising has taken up a lot of space in our lives as it is necessary for us to take care of our own body. Exercising also has a lot of benefits, some of which are that: it can help you sleep well and can boost a person’s happiness. These are some of the reasons why people are constantly working out.

Even though HIS is a small community compared to other international schools, the community has developed a good way of exercising –  creating the “work-out club.” The HIS work-out club has been popular since it started. There is only one work out room in the school that accommodates quite a lot of people, for its small size, and these people visit frequently.

First, I interviewed Anh. Recently, in the past year, Anh has started to work out on an extreme level and can now beat some guys in arm wrestling when in the past he couldn’t even beat some of the girls. I have seen Anh in the work-out room at least 3 times per week and not only that, he goes on doing karate on the same days as well.



Hiro: Why have you become so “strong” compared to last year, when you almost lost to Taiyi in arm wrestling, but can now beat him in a second or so?

Anh: It is because I have decided to work-out constantly. I became dedicated to working out over this past summer because I was bored and had nothing better to do anyways.

Hiro: What are your future plans on working out?

Anh: I am planning to keep doing it throughout my life, it is very healthy for me and helps me practice discipline.

Then I went on to interview Tyler, Tyler has been known as, what we in Japan call, “macho” which basically means a guy with a lot of muscles so you can already imagine how much time he used to spend in the HIS work-out room. His muscle training from rowing and also from the HIS work-out program has made him a muscular guy in the HIS community. So, I decided to interview him about how he was able to accomplish such goals.



Hiro: How was it possible to gain all that muscle?

Tyler: I kept on playing sports from when I was young and they naturally grew.

Hiro: What is a way you maintain those muscles?

Tyler: I keep training hard, I don’t eat too many sweet snacks. I am dedicated to working out.

As we can see, working out requires dedication and time to see the results on your body. Working out one day is not going to make you lose 10 kg or give you a six pack. It requires time and dedication as it is very hard to acquire these so called body goals based on each person. So if you want to work out and have a body like Taiyi, go visit the His work-out room, it is most likely open everyday, and go talk to Anh, Tyler, or anyone else in the gym to get your body ready for the next summer season.


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