A Few Changes: The After School Activities and Clubs

By Andy Yoon

I think that one of the advantages of attending an international school is being able to take part in various activities in its community. Hokkaido International School has been organising various clubs for years now. This year, the school made modifications to some of the existing clubs and also created some new clubs to be introduced to the students.

Middle School

Last year the school planned to add some new clubs such as skateboarding, cooking, and board games. Students showed interest in the idea of these clubs but there weren’t enough people who planned to join them this year so they were cancled. On this account, the school planned to make the middle school clubs more student driven, meaning that they would come up with the clubs, think about the activities, and supervise them; by doing this, the students would hopefully be able to find activities that interest them and  maybe even get the students to exercise some HUSKIES in the process, including all vision, mission, and learning statement. For instance, they could become self-motivated and self-directed, contribute to the betterment of groups, persevere, demonstrate purposeful creativity, transfer knowledge and skills to real-world situations, actively and empathetically listen, speak and discuss, and demonstrate reliability and commitment. Students are able to apply and learn many of these themes just by joining these clubs and should because doing so would promote many good skills to help students manage their school life with integrity.

To begin with, the middle school after school clubs will be modelled after a new student-led club that Charlie, in grade 12, is organising. Charlie has been interested in music since he was a little kid and at the beginning of high school he started playing around with a simple DJ audio station. He watched youtube videos and worked his way up to live looping, and then started making tracks as a producer from last summer with a DJ controller. Nowadays he works with the DJ controller, making tracks to upload on his Soundcloud account, but also practices various instruments such as guitar and piano in the dorm to improve his skills so he can produce diverse genres of music.

Charlie’s music club is the model for the middle school student’s clubs is because it is a great example of a student-led after school club. A few weeks ago, during the Tuesday assembly, Charlie gave us a brief example of what type of music he would be working with in order to get people to participate in his club. This music ranged from EDM to relaxing R&B and jazz. Charlie plans to work with the students to help them learn about producing music with the DJ controller and various related programs related. The great thing about this is that students will be able to share their interests, and maybe provide an opportunity to get closer to each other.

Charlie working with prom music with his DJ controller

Teachers are planning to sponsor and help the students to design and create their own after school clubs, starting from the second semester. However, there are already various after school clubs that students can join. Here are some of them.


Mind Strategy Game club is an informal group of gamers specializing in two-person boardgames. This club gathers in room 305, home to over 30 different types of mind strategy games. If you are interested in playing a new game, or one of the traditional games like chess, go, or shogi, then feel free to stop in and challenge your brain against an opponent.

Instructor: Mr. Piazza

Meeting Time: Fridays, from 3:45 – 4:45

Location: Room 305


“People learn the most when teaching others” (Peter Drucker) Tutors will support Middle School students by helping them review and understand what they are learning in their classes and help with homework tasks and assignments.

Instructor: Ms. Yao

Meeting Time: Tuesdays, from 3:45 – 4:45

Location: Room 301


The Rock Climbing Club is a challenge by choice activity, meaning a participant can make the activity as challenging as they want. Students will learn the basics on belaying and have the opportunity to learn common rock climbing techniques if they choose to join. Climbing is a great way to stay fit and mentally challenge yourself at the same time. Come be social, get fit, and enjoy a night at the gym!

*Maximum Enrollment 20 (first 9 that sign up can ride on school transportation. Others will need to take the metro to NAC)

*Students must provide their own transportation from school to home. Alternatively, they may leave directly for home from NAC.

*Wear athletic clothing (no short shorts please); climbing cost is a 1,000 yen (includes day pass, shoes, harness, and belay equipment rental)

Instructors: Mr. Erickson & Ms. Marinova

Meeting Time: Wednesdays in the school Entrance from 4:00 (leave school) – 8:00 (arrive at school)

Location: NAC climbing gym (iias Sapporo)

UNSUPPORTED: UnsupportedElement


Fitness is part of an healthy, everyday, lifestyle. Husky fitness club is a friendly and inviting group dedicated to providing both boys and girls with the opportunity and means to develop fundamentals, skills, techniques, strategies associated with functional athletic conditioning.

Instructor: Mr. Fazio

Meeting Time: Mondays & Tuesdays, from 3:45 – 5:00 .

Location: Weight Room (4th floor)


Hiragishi Exchange Club meets once a month with Hiragishi High School students. This is a cultural exchange club where you share about your country and also learning about Japanese cultures by doing some activities such as games, calligraphy, flower arrangement, participating in Japanese high school class etc. This is a great place to make Japanese friends, outside of the HIS community.

Instructor: Ms. Miyatake

Meeting Time: Wednesdays from 3:45 – 5:00

Location: Room 303


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